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30 May 2018 - Instituto Superior de Agronomia

CIBIO-InBIO researcher, Lorenzo Quaglietta, joined the "Otter Day 2018" initiative of the IOSF (International Otter Survival Fund) and the initiative "Pé n'A Terra" (Biodiversity4All) to celebrate, on the same day, the World Otter Day and the International Biodiversity Day.


11h30 | Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Room 33




Otters are elusive, semiaquatic carnivores at the top of the food web in freshwaters, among the most threatened and less studied ecosystems worldwide. Despite many decades of studies, knowledge on the behavioural ecology of the Eurasian otter is still limited, especially in Mediterranean areas. In this talk, adhering to the World Otter Day 2018 initiative, Lorenzo Quaglietta will present some of the results of his PhD research project, which combined field and molecular techniques to study the ecology of Mediterranean otters, and of his current research on otter and other semiaquatic mammals, including the phylogenetically and morphologically unique Pyrenean desman (Galemys pyrenaicus), and discuss potential effects of otters on the ecosystem.


18h30-21h00 | Espaço Interpretativo da Lagoa Pequena (Sesimbra)


Join us in an environmental awareness activity, and learn about the top predator of freshwater ecosystems in Portugal, the Eurasian otter, and about its role in the ecosystem!


In addition to theoretical explanations, there will also be a walk along the pedestrian path of Espaço Interpretativo da Lagoa Pequena, where visitors will have the opportunity to learn to recognize otter trails and other field techniques associated with the species and, hopefully, to observe otters in natural conditions.


REGISTRATIONS: Through the email or Facebook event until May 29, 2018.

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