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Each institution hosting CIBIO-InBIO offers researchers and visitors excellent facilities, including state-of-the-art laboratories, modern offices, computer rooms, classrooms, conference rooms and field stations.

At CIBIO-InBIO’s headquarter, in Campus de Vairão, in addition to exceptional laboratory facilities, users can benefit from outstanding venue facilities, which provide excellent conditions for the daily activities of researchers and students, and for hosting various events, such as conferences, seminars and workshops.


With a capacity for 250 people, Vairão Campus Auditorium is equipped with 6 cabins:
  • 4 simultaneous translation cabins;
  • 1 projection cabin;
  • 1 sound engineering cabin
The overall capacity of this auditorium is supplemented by two multi-purpose rooms located in its vicinity.


With the capacity for 10 people and fully equipped with audiovisual support.


With a capacity for 90 people.


Equipped with confortable chairs, tables and a TV, this is the perfect place for a relaxed conversation and for reading and discussing an article over a cup of coffee or tea.


16 fully equipped double rooms for students, researchers, and visiting scientists (with bathroom, TV, telephone and internet access).


Located in the heart of a lovely rural site which preserves many of its typical and original features, the main building at Vairão Campus is surrounded by magnificent green areas, with plenty of trees, lustrous lawns and a swimming pool.
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