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Host Institutions

In addition to its headquarters at the University of Porto, CIBIO-InBIO has poles at the Universities of Azores, ISA - Instituto Superior de Agronomia/School of Agriculture, and DGPC – Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage/Secretary of State of Culture) in Lisbon.

At CIBIO-InBIO’s headquarters, in Campus of Vairão (Vila do Conde), researchers can take advantage of exceptional facilities, including state-of-the-art laboratories, modern offices and computer rooms, classrooms, cold-rooms and other storage facilities, an auditorium for 250 people, 16 fully equipped double rooms for students, researchers, and visiting scientists, and many other support conditions (meeting rooms, cafeteria, external housing facilities for animals, experimental fields and greenhouses, swimming-pool). Relevant facilities are also available at the regional poles of CIBIO-InBIO which provide the conditions needed for the daily activities of researchers and students.

This organization promotes not only the exchange of expertise and the mobility of researchers and students, but it also allows an optimized sharing of research facilities and equipment.
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