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CIBIO-InBIO is highly committed to training a new generation of researchers who will be able to conduct innovative and multidisciplinary research, at the highest international level, in the areas of biodiversity, evolutionary biology and conservation.

We provide post-graduation training both at MSc and PhD levels using innovative and project-based teaching methods to prepare students for becoming leaders and to successfully address global challenges. Our aim is to effectively integrate research and education and to give students a broad and multi-level perspective on fundamental and applied science.

The PhD programme selects the highest-performing students at international level and involves in-depth research training including lab rotations, and intensive lab- and field-work training by national and international experts. Best students have the opportunity to develop research work at top international research institutions.

In the last years, a Doctoral Program for projects to be carried out in Africa was created. It was built as an extension of the BIODIV programme.

The Master’s Degree in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution – MBGE – is a 2 years program offered by the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto.

The programme offers training in diverse areas related with biodiversity and evolutionary biology, covering contents and techniques spanning across all levels of organisation, from genes and genomes to populations and ecosystems.

The implementation of two Masters courses in Biodiversity, Genetics and Conservation, administered in Portuguese at CIBIO-ISCED TwinLab in Lubango, Angola, and in English at UNAM/CIBIO-UP TwinLab, Namibia, are under away. This will be a very important magnet for motivated students in biodiversity and conservation who remain mostly absent in Angola and in a lesser scale in Namibia, but also in other neighbour countries.

Here is a list of concluded and ongoing PhD and MSc theses. 
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