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Headquarters address

CIBIO - Centro de Investigação em Biodiversidade e Recursos Genéticos
Universidade do Porto
Campus de Vairão
Rua Padre Armando Quintas, nº 7
4485-661 Vairão
Tel: +351 252 660 400

General Information
Sara Lemos Ferreira |

Executive Coordination
Executive Coordinator (Science) - Rita Araújo |
Coordination Manager - Sara Lemos Ferreira |

Human Resources

Knowledge & Technology Transfer

Information Technology (IT)

Legal Affairs

Media Enquiries

Molecular Analysis Services


Applied Ecology Services 

Research Groups

Animal Sociality - SOCIALITY
Group Leader: Rita Covas |
Applied Ecology - APPLECOL
Group Leader: Pedro Beja |
Applied Phylogenetics - AP
Group Leader: David James Harris |

Aquatic Genetics and Physiology - AquaGenPhy
Group Leader: Ana Veríssimo |

Behavioural Ecology - BE
Group Leader: Paulo Jorge Gama Mota |

Biodiversity and Evolution in Angola and South-Central Africa - ANGOBIO
Biogeography and Evolution of Plants and Ecosystems - BEPE
Group Leader: Carlos Vila-Viçosa |

Computational Biology - CompBio
Group Leader: Nuno Fonseca |
Conservation Genetics and Wildlife Management - CONGEN
Group Leader: Paulo Célio Alves |
Ecogenomics - ECOGEN
Group Leader: Raquel Godinho |

Ecological monitoring and conservation - TRACE
Group Leader: João Paulo Silva |

Ecology and Conservation of Tropical Rainforests - RAINFORESTS
Group Leader: Luke L. Powell |

Ecology for the conservation of Cultural Heritage – ROCKinBIO
Group Leader: Joana Marques |

Environmental Archaeology - ENVARCH
Group Leader: João Tereso |

Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics - EVOLGEN
Group Leader: Miguel Carneiro |
FRESHwater COnservation, Diversity and Evolution - FRESHCODE
Group Leader: Manuel Lopes Lima |

Functional Biodiversity - FBIO
Group Leader: Miguel A. Carretero |

Genomics of Evolutionary Change - EVOCHANGE
Group Leader: José Melo-Ferreira |

GlobalECO: Global Ecological Challenges under Socio-Environmental Change
Group Leader: Luís Reino |
Human Evolutionary Genetics - HUMANEVOL
Group Leader: Anne Maria Fehn |
Immunity and Emerging Diseases - IMED
Group Leader: Pedro Esteves |

Infrastructure Ecology - ECOINFRA
Group Leader: Clara Grilo |

Invasion Science - InvasionS
Group Leader: Joana Vicente |

Landscape Planning, Design and Management - LPDM
Group Leader: Cláudia Fernandes |

Livestock Genomics and Conservation - AGRIGENOMICS
Group Leader: Albano Pereira |
Marine Ecology, Diversity and Change - COASTALWARMING
Group Leader: Fernando Lima |

Movement Ecology - MOVE
Group Leader: Nuno Queiroz |

Natural History, Collections and Taxonomy - NATHIST
Group Leader: Luis Ceríaco |

Plant Biology - PLANTBIO
Group Leader: Herlander Azevedo |

Plant Evolution - PlantEvol
Group Leader: Raquel Tavares |

Plant Nitrogen - PLANTN
Group Leader: Helena Carvalho |

Population Ecology and Conservation - POPECO
Group Leader: Inês Catry |

Predicting and Managing Ecological Change - ECOCHANGE
Group Leader: João Honrado |
Seascape Genomics & Speciation - SEAGEN
Group Leader: Rui Faria |

SocioEconomic Systems and Earth Systems - SES&ES
Group Leader: Paulo Azevedo |

Theoretical Ecology and Biodiversity Modelling - THEOECO
Group Leader: Henrique Miguel Pereira |

Wildlife Conservation Ecology - WILDEcol
Group Leader: Pedro Monterroso |

You can check our staff’s individual contacts in the People section
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