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The BIOPOLIS proposal addresses the upgrade of the research unit CIBIO (Research Centre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources) to a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for R&D&I, through a teaming with a leading scientific institution, the University of Montpellier (France), and with the participation of a business partner, the Porto Business School (PBS; Portugal).
The project envisions to establish BIOPOLIS as one of the best international Centres of Excellence in Environmental Biology, Ecosystem Research and AgroBiodiversity, with the capacity for spreading excellence towards innovation in the areas of Environment, Biodiversity and Agriculture.

BIOPOLIS will fill in a much needed gap in the Portuguese landscape of research and innovation, harnessing the remarkable talent, expertise, research and innovation potential of the three institutions and thus promoting strong collaborations and partnerships with the end users, including other research institutions, the public administration and private business corporations, by creating the conditions to deliver excellent research and innovation with strong societal impact at regional, national and international levels.

To know more about the BIOPOLIS project, click here.
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