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The mission of the Research Centre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources is to develop world-class research in the areas of biodiversity and evolutionary biology.
Our goal is to make a significant contribution to:
  • Advance scientific knowledge in the fields of biodiversity and evolutionary biology - special emphasis on the understanding of processes that lead to present-day patterns of biological diversity and on the principles governing the spatial partitioning of genotypic and phenotypic variation.
  • Integrate and deepen ecological, taxonomical and biogeographical knowledge at different scales worldwide - with a particular focus on the Iberian and Mediterranean biological heritage.
  • Use scientific knowledge to set and suggest appropriate conservation priorities and management tools - in collaboration with local and national agricultural, forestry and hunting authorities. 
  • Provide top-level advanced training - MSc and PhD levels and short-term training courses.
  • Disseminate scientific knowledge and promote public awareness and appreciation of biodiversity.
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