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On April 02, 2019 the European Commission granted CIBIO with two projects, BIOPOLIS and the ERA-CHAIR in Tropical Biodiversity and Ecosystems, representing the largest funding ever allocated to a research center in Portugal. The Widening programme was stablished by the European Commission to foster capacity building, strength competitiveness and reduce research asymmetries among European regions.


BIOPOLIS project joins CIBIO to the University of Montpellier and Porto Business School, plus several actors from public and private institutions (policy makers, universities, research centers, companies and the civil society) for the development of a research center of excellence in environmental biology, ecosystems and agrobiodiversity. The ERA-CHAIR project promotes innovation in research on tropical biodiversity in Portuguese-speaking African countries. The approval of these two applications results in the mobilization of a global funding estimated between EUR 130 and 150 million. The funding will support remodeling of infrastructures, reinforcement of human resources and the creation of scientific dissemination platforms. Altogether, these upgrade measures will promote the development of innovative and high-quality research, with a strong social, environmental, economic and cultural impact.


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To read the national press release for this announcement, please click here.

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