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Researchers build first AI tool capable of identifying individual birds

Researchers build first AI tool capable of identifying individual birds
An article in which an international team, including CIBIO-InBIO researchers, present a method capable of identifying individual birds has featured greatly in national and international media.

In animal behaviour studies, individually identifying animals is one of the most expensive and time-consuming factors, which limits the scope of behaviours and the size of the populations that researchers can study. The ability to distinguish individual animals from each other is also important for the long-term monitoring of populations and the protection of species from pressures such as climate change.

In this study, the authors demonstrate that artificial intelligence can be used to identify individual birds. They show that computers, when trained, can consistently recognise dozens of individual birds, even though we cannot, as humans, tell these individuals apart.

This finding is a great step forward for the development of methods for automatic, non-invasive identification of animals which are completely unmarked and unmanipulated by researchers.

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"Inteligência artificial "treinada" para identificar aves individualmente” | SIC Notícias | July 27, 2020
"Investigadores usam inteligência artificial para identificar aves individualmente" | Observador | July 27, 2020

To read the national press release for this study, please click here.

To access the original article, please click here.

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