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Joana Ribeiro

Joana Ribeiro

Post-Doc Researcher

Post-Doc Researcher
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I am a biologist with a PhD in Tropical Ecology. After earning my MSc degree in Conservation Biology, I was awarded a PhD scholarship, and decided to go to Brazil and investigate how anuran communities from an intensively explored agricultural area are altered by anthropogenic activities, using an integrative approach. 

After defending my PhD thesis, I started working as a post-doc research assistant within project BIRDTRADE, exploring the social demands motivating the international bird market, and investigating the socioeconomic and ecological consequences of bird trade. 

My main interests lie in ecology, conservation biology, functional ecology, extinction risk assessment, ecosystem services, invasion biology, and global changes. I am particularly interested in multidisciplinary integrative projects, that approach complex problems in a holistic manner, involving multiple collaborations, competencies and perspectives. 

Overall, I am interested in science as a whole, including scientific research, education, outreach and journalism. 

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