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José Manuel Herrera Vega

José Manuel Herrera Vega


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CIBIO-InBIO, Universidade de Évora, Casa Cordovil 2ª Andar, Rua Dr. Joaquim Henrique da Fonseca, 7000-890 Évora, Portugal

My research line focus on understanding species distribution patterns in response to global change drivers including habitat loss and fragmentation and climate warming. Especially, I am interested in determining concomitant alterations in networks of species interactions such as seed dispersal and predation. To date, I investigated the role of seed dispersers (Turdus spp.) and seed predators (Apodemus spp.) in determining plant regeneration processes in temperate forest in North Spain. I also investigated changes in bumblebees (Bombus spp.) in relation to climate warming in the Cantabrian Range. Overall my research is focused on understanding:

  • the link between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning;
  • networks of species interactions functioning in human-fragmented landscapes;
  • patterns of species distribution and community structure along stress gradients.
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