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767 Theses
Katherine Rogerson (2019) Mechanisms driving changes in migratory behaviour of long lived birds in response to global environmental change. School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, UK. Supervisors: Inês Catry, Aldina Franco (University of East Anglia, UK), Jenny Gill (University of East Anglia, UK), Phil Atkinson (BTO, UK).
Luis Silveira (2019) Validating the transferability of ecological models under global change scenarios with Holocene rock-art. Supervisors: José Carlos Brito, Hugo Rebelo
Master in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. University of Porto
Margarida Barros (2019) Reconstructing the evolutionary history of desert-adapted Cerastes vipers in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Supervisors: Fernando Martínez-Freiría, Guillermo Velo-Antón
Master in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. University of Porto
Marisa Carvalho Naia (2019) Addressing landscape connectivity in biodiversity conservation strategies in the African Sahel. Supervisors: José Carlos Brito, Sílvia Ricardo Carvalho
Master in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. University of Porto
Marisa Vedor (2019) Impacts of Oxygen Minimum Zones (OMZs) on habitat preferences of satellite tracked pelagic sharks. Supervisors: Nuno Queiroz, Rui Rosa (MARE, Laboratório Marítimo da Guia, Universidade de Lisboa)
BIODIV Doctoral Programme. University of Porto
Patricia Guedes (2019) Spatial patterns of genetic diversity in Hyla molleri. University of Lisbon. Supervisors: Sílvia Carvalho, Guillermo Velo-Antón, Ana Veríssimo
Paula Tralma (2019) Testing hybridization between Papio cynocephalus and Papio ursinus at Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. Chile University, Chile, and CIBIO-InBio, Portugal. Supervisors: Maria Joana Ferreira da Silva, Prof. Felipe Martinez (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile) and Prof. Rene Bobe (Primate Models for Behavioural Evolution Lab, Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, University of Oxford, UK).
Pedro Andrade (2019) Evolutionary genetics of balanced colour polymorphisms in wall lizards. Supervisors: Miguel Carneiro, David Gonçalves
BIODIV Doctoral Programme. University of Porto
Rebecca Mateus Ramos de Campos (2019) DNA metabarcoding in terrestrial biodiversity assessment and monitoring: the case of nocturnal insects in NE Portugal. Mestrado em Ecologia e Gestão Ambiental, Universidade de Lisboa. Supervisors: Pedro Beja, Maria Filomena Magalhães (Universidade de Lisboa).
Sandra Raquel da Silva Oliveira (2019) Inferring the demographic history of Soutern Angola: a key region for understanding human settlement in southern Africa. Supervisors: Jorge Rocha, Mark Stoneking.
BIODIV Doctoral Programme. University of Porto
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