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Behavioural Ecology - BE

Behavioural Ecology - BE

34 Theses
Mónica Cristina Ferreira da Silva (2012) Alocação de recursos para a reprodução em Syngnathidae. FCUP. Supervisors: Nuno Monteiro, Maria João Neuparth
Rodolfo Miguel Almeida Silva (2012) Ecologia reprodutiva de Nerophis lumbriciformis: o intertidal como arena de reprodução. ICBAS. Supervisor: Nuno Monteiro
Carlos Carvalho (2011) Demography, environment, and the origin of individual differences in behaviour”. Department of Biology, University of Porto. Supervisor: Gonçalo Cardoso Co-supervised with Ricardo Lopes
Helena Batalha (2011) The ecological niche of the invasive common waxbill Estrilda astrild compared to native species in the invasive range.  Department of Life Sciences, University of Coimbra. Supervisor Jaime Ramos Co-supervisor Gonçalo Cardoso
Marisa Sárria Pereira Passos (2011) Effects of complex mixtures of antagonistic endocrine disrupting chemicals in Syngnathus abaster. Universidade do Porto. Co-supervisor: Nuno Monteiro
Filipa Ferreira (2009) Evaluation of the effects of endochrine disruptors on the development and reproductive behaviour of two Blenniidae species
Carina Santos da Silva (2008) Reproductive Ecology of the mildly sex-role reversed pipefish, Syngnathus abaster
Doutoramento em Biologia
André Ferreira (2000) Cooperation and Personality in the Sociable Weaver. University of Porto. Supervisor: Rita Covas. Co-supervisor:Claire Doutrelant, CNRS
Kyle Lloyd (2000) The effect of nest predation on population dynamics: an experimental approach.Percy FitzPatrick Institute, University of Cape Town.  Supervisor: Rita Covas Co-supervisor: Res Altwegg, University of Cape Town
Mário André Barros da Cunha (2000) Selection and conflict within the male's brood pouch. PhD in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. University of Porto. Supervisors: Nuno Monteiro, Anders Bergliund
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