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Conservation Genetics and Wildlife Management - CONGEN

Conservation Genetics and Wildlife Management - CONGEN

The main goal of CONGEN is increasing the scientific knowledge on the evolutionary biology, life traits, ecology, behaviour and diseases of species and populations, to promote their conservation and management. The group uses multiple approaches, and it aims to evaluating biodiversity values under socio-economic development and sustainability.

The group covers diverse theoretical backgrounds that are structured into three main themes:

MULTI-SCALE ECOLOGY: includes research on ecology, behavior, emerging diseases, biogeography, genomics, genetic diversity and evolutionary population history. We develop and apply multidisciplinary approaches, including genetics/genomics, ecological modelling, population ecology and landscape analysis, for the management and conservation of wildlife, including small populations, threatened species, endemisms and game species. We are particularly focusing on lagomorphs, carnivores, small mammals, ungulates and some bird species.

PRODUCTION TOOLS FOR POPULATION´S MANAGEMENT AND CONSERVATION: this implies developing and optimizing standardized monitoring protocols, with particular focus on non-invasive methods, to support conservation and management actions of wild populations, improving biodiversity surveys on natural areas, or estimating population sizes.

OUTREACH & SOCIETY: due to the deep engagement in species conservation and management, several members have been actively producing information for managers, policy makers and stakeholders of different sectors of society, including public institutions, NGOs, private companies, and international institutions (IUCN). We are involved in several outreach activities through the organization of international meetings and workshops, or in diverse activities with the general public through environmental education actions, workshops and consultancy. The PI is the founder and the current President of the World Lagomorph Society (

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