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Landscape Planning, Design and Management - LPDM

Landscape Planning, Design and Management - LPDM

The Landscape Planning, Design and Management research group (LPDM) studies the LANDSCAPE in all its dimensions and complexity. The group covers research in a wide range of landscape architecture fields from the most seminal ones, like the History and Critique of Landscape Architecture and its mentors, to the most innovative and emergent, like Novel Urban Ecosystems and Nature Based Solutions for resilient cities. 

The diversity of interests, knowledge and perspectives is the main richness of the group, an important asset, and the key for a thorough research approach on the LANDSCAPE. These multiplicity of approaches is also evident in the research topics on which the group has been working and intends to continue exploring in the future such as: i) urban and metropolitan green structure assessment and planning; ii) integration of urban ecosystem services delivery in urban planning and management; iii) urban planning for improving health and wellbeing in cities; iv) planting design and management of urban green spaces in climate change scenarios; v) exploring novel urban ecosystems opportunities and constrains to landscape architecture research and practice, vi) survey of spontaneous and cultural biodiversity in urban green spaces; vii) assessment of contemporary parks and ecological public parks design; viii) landscape visual impact evaluation and mitigation; ix) research on perception and attitudes towards nature in cities namely invasive species, urban forest and urban agriculture, x) analysis of landscapes dynamics and evolution focusing on coastal landscapes; xi) planning, design and management of cultural landscapes; xii) history and critique of gardens and parks and landscape heritage.

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