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Luke L. Powell

Luke L. Powell

Principal Researcher

4 Theses
Patricia Rodrigues (2018) Are African ant-following birds specialized? A cross-continental comparison of behavior to help shed light on global patterns of decline. Renewable Natural Resources Department, Louisiana State University, United States. Supervisor: Philip C Stouffer (Louisiana State University) & Co-supervisors: Luke L. Powell and Henry S. Pollock (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).
Alma Liss S. Quiñones Elucidating Pollination Ecosystem Services in Cameroonian Cocoa Farms. PhD in Biosciences, Durham University, United Kingdom. Supervisors: Andreanna Welch (Durham University, UK), Co-supervisors Luke Powell (Biodiversity Initiative & CIBIO), Tom Wanger (Westlake University, China).
Diogo Filipe Angelo Ferreira Chocolate bats: Promoting sustainable cacao through bat ecosystem services. Supervisor: Hugo Rebelo & Co-supervisors: Luke L. Powell, Jason Matthiopoulos (University of Glasgow).
BIODIV Doctoral Programme. University of Porto
Tiff DeGroot Investigating mammal distribution and diversity in Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa. Forest Science. Michigan Technological University, United States of America. Supervisors: Kristin Brzeski (MTU), Jared Wolfe (MTU). Co-supervisors: Luke Powell, Tao Liu (MTU).
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