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Francisco Moreira

Francisco Moreira

Principal Researcher

5 Theses
Ana Teresa Marques (2020) Effects of anthropogenic infrastructures on the spatial ecology of raptors and bustards. Universidade de Lisboa. Supervisors: João Paulo Silva, Francisco Moreira, Jorge Palmeirim
Christina Morais-Juhlin (2018) Climate change impact on grassland birds in the Mediterranean basin: a case study with the Little Bustard. Universidade de Lund. Supervisors: João Paulo Silva, Francisco Moreira, Jorge Palmeirim, Ricardo Correia
Pedro Patto (2014) Impacto das alterações climáticas na biologia reprodutora e condição fisiológia do Francelho e Rolieiro. Master in Ecologia e Gestão Ambiental. University of Lisbon. Supervisors: Inês Catry, Francisco Moreira.
Joana Marcelino Forecasting the impacts of climate and land use changes on Mediterranean farmland birds. Doctoral Programme in Biology. University of Lisbon, Portugal. Supervisors: Inês Catry, Francisco Moreira, Francisco Castro Rego (University of Lisbon).
Rui Manuel Cleto Morgado From traditional to super-intensive: biodiversity and ecosystem services of olive plantations and their management implications. Programa Doutoral SUSFOR - Sustainable Forests and Products, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Universidade de Lisboa. Supervisors: Pedro Beja, Francisco Moreira, Francisco Castro Rego (Universidade de Lisboa).
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