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Pedro José Esteves

Pedro José Esteves

Principal Researcher

9 Theses
Ana Margarida Lima Lopes (2016) Insights into the host-pathogen interaction: Lagovirus in leporids. Doutoramento em Biodiversidade, Genética e Evolução. Universidade do Porto. Supervisors: Pedro Esteves, Jacques Le Pendu
Diogo Fonseca Silvério (2016) Genetic characterization of old and contemporary RHDV and RCV-like strains circulating in Portuguese rabbit populations. Master in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution University of Porto. Supervisor: Joana Abrantes Co -supervisor: Pedro Esteves
Joel António Martins Alves (2016) Understanding the coevolutionary arms race between Myxoma virus and the European Rabbit: a key to decipher the genetic basis of virulence and evolving viral resistance
Ana Cristina Lemos de Matos (2014) Insights into the European rabbit immune system: evolutionary, diversity and expression of genes playing key roles in Myxoma virus infection and host-resistance. Doutoramento em Biodiversidade, Genética e Evolução. Universidade do Porto. Supervisors: Pedro Esteves, Dennis K Lanning
Ana Margarida Lopes (2011) Genetic variability in genes associated with physiological and adaptive functions in lagomorphs. Supervisors: Joana Abrantes, Pedro J. Esteves, José Melo-Ferreira.
Master in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. University of Porto
Joana Patrícia da Silva Abrantes (2010) Co-evolutionary processes of rabbit and its viral pathogens: an approach by interspecies comparison and population genetics of host genes targeted by myxoma and RHD virus
Doutoramento em Biologia
Patrícia de Sousa Pereira (2000) Is the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) a good animal model to study HIV-1 pathogenesis and virus-host interactions? BIODIV Doctoral Programme. Supervisors: Oliver T. Keppler, Pedro Esteves
Tereza Almeida (2000) PhD in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. University of Porto. Main supervisor: Pedro Esteves; co-supervisors: Ana Veríssimo, Martin J. Flajnik (University of Maryland)
BIODIV Doctoral Programme. University of Porto
Fabiana Marisa Vieira das Neves Genetic characterization of Interleukin genes with relevant roles in important biological functions in Lagomorphs
Programa doutoral Patologia Genetica e Molecular
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